Crystal Energy

Power of Crystals

Rock Grace by Anne Hulett is a non-alcoholic beverage infused with crystal energy and adaptogens.

The way we think creates our reality.  Not only can crystals mystically transform us into a state of mind over matter, there is more science than you may think behind the jaw-dropping power of crystals. 

Each crystal has a unique and consistent energy vibration and molecular structure.  The high vibratory patterns of crystals can stabilize energy and increase the vibration level within any life form promoting vibrational alignment.  Energy that is out of balance depletes mental and physical wellness and higher, balanced vibrations help us feel good and attract the positive energy we want in our lives.

The energy of the different crystals we use produce unique patterns to be absorbed, developed, and stored in our elixirs and transferred to your mind, body, and spirit.  Healing, cleansing, renewing, calming, and empowering energies are infused into each bottle of Rock Grace to inspire and amplify positive thinking and awaken the power within.

Our Crystal Collection*

Rock Grace by Anne Hulett is a non-alcoholic beverage infused with crystal energy and adaptogens.


Fills you with grace and happiness


Soothes the mind and relieves anxiety


Represents eternal youth, joy, and empowerment


The stone of power and amplifies any intention


The sun stone, cultivates intuition, determination, strength, courage, and creativity


Helps with focus, perspective, motivation, and inspiration


Promotes confidence, luck, abundance, productivity, and creativity


Stimulates love and peace


Helps with healing and attracts wealth and love


A crystal of perseverance and strength 


Promotes cellular regeneration, dispels feelings of isolation, relieves stress, transformative

*All of our crystals are ethically sourced

AJ Crecelius of NW Crystals


We are extremely grateful and honored to be in partnership with the lovely AJ Crecelius, a world-renowned Crystal Energy Specialist and Owner of Seattle based NW Crystals.  AJ and Anne had an instant bond and knew that their passion for crystals and thoughtfulness behind their work could do amazing things together.  

AJ comes from a family of both scientists and spiritual mentors which got her thinking in a unique way about crystals.  The scientific side of her knew all about how crystals are used to conduct electricity in electronic products, and the more spiritual side of her began to wonder why they couldn’t be used the same way for the human body.  This started her on a beautiful path of discovering the amazing powers and benefits crystals have on the mind and body.  

AJ has created one of the highest quality and rarest crystal collections in the world through her intuition, unique relationships and with her father being a well-known metallurgist and gem collector.

Rock Grace is fortunate to have AJ hand-picking the finest crystals in the industry to supercharge every bottle of Rock Grace with.  All crystals used for the production of Rock Grace are pure and ethically mined and sourced, most coming straight from family owned mines in the Pacific Northwest.

We are so proud that AJ endorses Rock Grace and the process we use to infuse our beverage with crystal energy.  Just when we thought Rock Grace couldn’t get any more magical.

rock grace + nw Crystals

AJ Crecelius, Crystal Energy Specialist and Owner of NW Crystals, talks to Anne Hulett, CEO of Rock Grace, about the power of crystal energy to inspire and amplify positive thinking and how it is incorporated into Rock Grace.

Raise your vibe with the only premium non-alcoholic beverage that combines energy, beauty, and wellness.