rock grace angels


Calling all angel warriors!  We need you to join our team of Rock Grace Angels and spread the love and good vibes with us! 


We are looking for authentic women to spread their wings and the message about Rock Grace.  If you live in the US and live the Rock Grace lifestyle and want to help others find their Rock Grace happy place, we want you to be a part of this amazing and rewarding program.


Gather your networks and get your tribe to pre-order Rock Grace new release bottles.  Our goal is to have each angel bring in 111 pre-order bottle sales.


Simply, we want to make more Rock Grace!  The more pre-orders we have, the more bottles of Rock Grace crystal elixirs we can make.  We also want to build out a fun and supportive community of radiant and inspiring women.


All Rock Grace Angels will have exclusive access to a 10% discount code and free merchandise.  The first 11 angels to bring in 111 pre-order bottle sales will get a VIP ticket to our new release launch event in summer 2019.  If an angel brings in 555 pre-order bottle sales, we will host an impressive Rock Grace tasting party anywhere in the US for 11 people.  You will also be a part of a passionate, growing and exciting tribe with a meaningful cause and full of opportunity.

Join the Team

If you are interested in becoming a Rock Grace Angel, send us an email with your story, why you want to be a Rock Grace Angel, and where you live and we'll get back to you with more program details.

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